"The Merry Wives of Windsor": Review

"Windsor scoffer" not the most famous Shakespeare play, but here is the image of "eternal child" Falstaff a kind of provincial don Juan, "retired", has completely drunken, but still dragging behind the local beauties though now not for love, but only for fat wallets of their husbands. And he, in my opinion, and he did not know why he get all the money.

In short, the image of the Jolly old knight (even suggests a parallel with the ancient Satyr, no wonder Falstaff in the story wore a costume of a horned) very memorable.

Along the way, I didn't notice that Falstaff did not work (formally the main positive hero not he, but a clever Windsor wives, hapless suitor "racketeer", but at the same time their gullible husbands). But although sir John is not a hero but a victim, first of all, we remember him. "That's what it's like to have a basket and linen" he did not think wondered, and was thrown into the cold river (so what? The main thing would be at home, a warm hearth, but more sherry in a Cup. And there will be ice bath is not so terrible as you might think). By the way, in Soviet film here is the point that our fat, in fact, resilient nature is lost forever. Rather, he looks miserable; he unbearable jokes gossips funny to endure. But Shakespeare quite the contrary. Though potty Falstaff head throw spit, shake, and go.

Yet it's worth noting that this piece is very good. Strongly influenced by Pratchett "Ladies and gentlemen", the sacramental, the final phenomenon of the horned God, husband of the Queen of the Elves. Actually, the same scene I mentioned above when sir John's story should change the "terrible" man.

Only Pratchett everything is more than serious, and at our William hooligan parody of the ancient myth of Herne the Wild hunter. But hand on your spleen who's in Elizabethan times, this "Scarecrow" from the folk tales were actually interesting?! No, let it be everyday common sense + sense of humor. Because common sense + sense of humor, as you know, everybody wins.

And finally (last, but not least): I saw this play on stage. The actors were brilliant, humor "good mood" and there is no need that he wrote bawdy farce in the spirit "fell on his face in a puddle, twice the funny!" Director saw in this story is different: light, funny adventure about a chase, whispering through the keyhole, clever disguises young lovers in the original play, the history boys Fenton and Ann "afterthought". Here there, and watch all that was, I must say, very nice.