Posts review different examples of classical literature written in Old English

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If you try to make an objective assessment of the awareness of the plays of William Shakespeare, "Macbeth" will relinquish the position in the case with foreign readers and viewers. It is not part of the school curriculum and does not cause a persistent Association, as the same "Hamlet" or "Othello".

A vigorous call to faith and arms from the eventual success uttered the Chronicles of Shakespeare, that suggests that the way in which by that England, soon after most acute trials, even treated and obtained more robust, arrived into riches and power at those changing times of Elizabeth.

"Windsor scoffer" not the most famous Shakespeare play, but here is the image of "eternal child" Falstaff a kind of provincial don Juan, "retired", has completely drunken, but still dragging behind the local beauties though now not for love, but only for fat wallets of their husbands. And he, in my opinion, and he did not know why he get all the money.

In short, the image of the Jolly old knight (even suggests a parallel with the ancient Satyr, no wonder Falstaff in the story wore a costume of a horned) very memorable.

This play was written by Royal order wedding of Princess and being raised in the Palace, soon went into oblivion. It would seem that scandal: one of the greatest creations of genius, it can be said, the will was misunderstood by his contemporaries blunt, which some entertainment for the mind (here it is appropriate to say something trite like "there is no prophet in the Fatherland"). Fortunately, then the world was artists the pre-Raphaelites, who lifted the play to the skies (at the same time expelling from oblivion by William Blake). Everyone is happy and clapping.

In exclusiveness "of Windsor" there is nothing strange because here is a character who, even if he appeared not in the script of this comic remains the best comic character of Shakespeare. This is sir John Falstaff, a fat knight, a robber, a tireless seeker of fun, a lover of sherry, loud coward, furious bouncer and best friend of Prince Harry in both parts of the historical chronicle "Henry IV".

Still there are two pairs of young lovers, the relationship between cross-confused which (as later in "Midsummer night's Dream"). And this is the first "Italian" Shakespeare play, in which he sets his characters on a ship to those of landlocked Verona was in the same landlocked Milan. And the first play with a couple of servants, clowns, and one of them brings to the stage, the academic dog is a win technique which jesters amused the audience back in the days when he was a child.

Shakespeare draws and major historical events such as the battle, the bloodiest battle ever on English soil (according to some sources, both sides fell more than 30 thousand people). English story reaches the peak of its confusion: as symbols of the colossal civil slaughter on the scene the son who killed his father, and the father who killed his own son. Crown several times passed from hand to hand.

"Well, once more unto the breach"

actually, these words of Henry to modern English are in the same row as "Arise, great country" for the Soviet people. No wonder that in 1944, shortly before the allied landing in Normandy, an English actor and Director Laurence Olivier filmed "Henry V" to breathe courage in the fellow; this film (as Eisenstein in 1941) was a huge success.


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