Reviewing the most famous sonnets

Expressive means of Shakespeare's poetry is unusually rich. They have a lot inherited from the European and English poetic tradition, but many completely new. In Shakespeare's time, originality is often achieved not so much by the novelty of ideological address topics as the search for new means of expression in traditional poetry themes. Shakespeare, however, showed his originality and wealth of new images, made them into poetry, and new interpretations of traditional stories.

Here Shakespeare really "sweet", as in many other verses of their poems, but the interesting it becomes when amazes us with unexpected metaphors, the prevailing. In sonnet 124 reads: love can be a random act, and then she's the illegitimate birth; but love is the true passion, and she is the child legitimate. Illegal children are dependent on the vagaries of fate, destined to legitimate a particular, and their right no one can be challenged. In this strange comparison it is not difficult to see the reflection of the social conditions of the era of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare lyric is less important, perhaps, than Shakespeare the playwright. Of course, in the perception of foreign language poetry is very much determined by the translation. If not knowing good enough English, read translation of Shakespeare's sonnets, then, as a rule, it is perceived as a set of words with meaning.


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