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Writing William Shakespeare research paper is a very popular assignment for students. In this article we will analyze "Romeo and Juliet". The name of Shakespeare is well known to the whole world, although this playwright lived in the 16th-17th centuries in England. The main features of his work are the faith in man, in that bright and kindness that can be attributed to the greatest humanist humane philosophers of the time.

Along with the gloomy tragedies, William Shakespeare writings have funny, incendiary comedies, in which infectious laughter and joyful jokes prevail. However, in the most famous tragedies of Shakespeare there is a place and time for jokes and parodies. An example of this can serve as "Romeo and Juliet", the lightest humane Shakespearean tragedy. In it the two young people, a young man and a girl, restore peace between two families by the power of their love, enmity and hatred between which go back to ancient times.

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The history of Romeo and Juliet is based on real events of the 16th century. In the Italian city of Verona lived two families the Montagues and the Capulets. No one can remember why they hate each other but the enmity itself does not cease: in the streets of Verona there were constant fights and murders in which the Montagues are involved - the children of these warring families, but they loved each other and try to unite in anything that does not become.

Shakespeare shows the viewer how Juliet's family gathers a masquerade, where the entrance to all Montecchi is prohibited. But Romeo and his friends are looking for adventure and hiding under face masks, penetrate the ball. Here Romeo and acquainted with Juliet.

Heroes change in the course of development of the action. Romeo, as we see him in the first acts of the tragedy, is an amorous burden, burning with passion for some kind of Rosaline. But the love for Juliet will grow him, because this love is real, not invented. All his thoughts, feelings and actions are now connected with Juliet: "My Heavens are where Juliet is". Romeo becomes patient and restrained, he does not respond to insults to the arrogant brother of Juliet.

Fourteen-year-old Juliet turns a love for Romeo into a woman, passionate, wise, prudent and determined. Juliet first in all submits to her mother, Lady Capulet, one of those. Because of which the ancient feud of birth does not cease. She does not understand jokes, cords, it's about her precious Romeo. Why should she marry a noble but unloved Paris? She loves, love for Romeo for being a Montague? She loves, the love for Romeo permeates all her words and deeds:

  • What does the name mean? Rose smells of rose.
  • Call it a rose, though not.
  • Romeo under any name would be.
  • At the top of perfection, what it is.

It's Juliet who speaks with Romeo about marriage: marriage with a loved one is more important than anything else. She boldly agrees to a plan invented by the monk Lorenzo and Romeo, without fear of death. Or rightly believing that life with Romeo is worse for her than death.

The double death of Romeo and Juliet in the last stages of the tragedy tells the viewer that the world has changed, people have appeared who can change it, even at the cost of their life. The first love for all is a test of strength, but for Romeo and Juliet it is also a battle against the ancient evil.

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