"Macbeth": Review

If you try to make an objective assessment of the awareness of the plays of William Shakespeare, "Macbeth" will relinquish the position in the case with foreign readers and viewers. It is not part of the school curriculum and does not cause a persistent Association, as the same "Hamlet" or "Othello".

However, after purchasing the Deluxe edition of the tragedies of the author, personally, I have great lust waited for the moment when, in priority order, table of contents, taking breaks, it comes to the history of the famous General. Ask yourself, do you feel vulnerable, albeit authoritative opinion. So in the case of Macbeth, the society does not press with edifying the thought that it is a work which must know every educated person. Nevertheless, I remained deeply impressed by this small volume, but is able emotionally to absorb the tragedy.

William Shakespeare is known for, in addition to its other advantages, the intriguing ability to borrow ideas from historical events and to give your characters traits of real prototypes. The basis of the play Macbeth is the story of a Scottish king who lived and ruled for six centuries before the actors of the globe theatre for the first time played on stage a dramatic epic.

Even from the available sources, it becomes clear that the author, as usual, did not aim to follow the letter of the history, focusing readers and viewers on the content. This is a case of artistic liberties, which only gives the show a reason for an emotional response. Although life is often a bizarre fiction, the story line of Shakespeare can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

The Play Is Shakespeare's Macbeth

As in the case of "Hamlet", and two pieces I find are very similar, the important role played by mystical component, which has become the embodiment of witches, wise women. The main character goes on about not so much the attitude or mentoring, how sweet pelmets predictions from the mouth of doubtful persons.

Macbeth that king Duncan honors as the greatest friend and best commander, decides to consolidate his power and become the ruler of the state. Incredibly interesting to watch the UPS and downs behind the scenes in the corridors of power how easy to slander the innocent, if in your hands the strings of government and influence, as well as yet unspent trust. In some 100 pages the story repeatedly transformed, literally by the hand, sometimes roughly, pulls you out of the usual routine and pursuing the path of emotional diversity.

Besides, before us is one of the strongest female characters of literature a faithful companion of the hero Lady Macbeth herself. It's a completely different shade of a woman's determination, is excellent, for example, from Desdemona in "Othello".

It is not surprising that the UK's Opera Macbeth is still considered almost the pinnacle of theatrical art. Than great literature the opportunity to recreate in the minds of the whole world, with its heroes, entourage, plenty of action.

This play makes the thing to sort out in my head a variety of vivid images, including brutal battles. Not to say that Shakespeare meticulously describes everything that happens, but it provides a wide field for the imagination. As I mentioned in reviews for some of his other plays, it provides a very flexible and creative template which is adjusted, individually, for each reader or spectator.

Carries the idea that the world of "Macbeth" I have, for example, will be different. After the reading there was a strong desire to get acquainted with the most worthy film adaptations that exist today and go on a great performance in theatre.