The film adaptation of Shakespeare Part 2

Joe Macbeth is the chef in the restaurant, Duncan, their master and patron, Ella Macbeth - his wife also works at this restaurant. Instead of three witches predicted Macbeth's fate, the three scavengers. After reading all this, I probably wouldn't watch the movie, because in my head it would sound “Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense!” However, I was lucky that I just started to watch film and just couldn't stop. The writers want to shout Bravo! For such careful treatment of the material. Does not irritate even the lack of the original Shakespearean style.

The film is made qualitatively, great music and acting. With full confidence I can say that in my opinion, the role of Macbeth is the best in the filmography McAvoy. But the main discovery for me was Keeley Hawes, who plays the role of Ella. Shakespeare lady Macbeth “ruthless lady”. Here, the audience (at least I) start to feel sorry for her and perhaps even to justify. It is for these ambiguous characters interesting to watch.

"The taming of the shrew" (2005, dir. Mark Brozel, Ed Fraiman, Brian Percival, David Richards)

Also included in the series of films "Shakespeare in a new way".

This Comedy was never among my list of favorite works of Shakespeare, the more I until recently didn't love modern performances (all thanks to Romeo+Juliet and Hamlet with Ethan Hawke). But this adaptation made me change my mind. I liked how moved to modern London, the action of the play, thus proving that Shakespeare's stories are always relevant. Besides, the cast is just fabulous! Katharina and Petruchio, played by Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell is one of the best Kinomoto, I've ever seen!

"Much ADO about nothing" (1993, dir. Kenneth Branagh)

I must say, this Comedy is my favorite. I read it a hundred times. Therefore, as is usually the case with our favorite works, we always find fault with the adaptations. In this film, just nothing to complain about. I am glad that Branagh made a film as close as possible to the text. That in itself is brilliant not need any additional supplements. And praise the Gods, the texts are also not subjected to change.

"A Midsummer night's dream" (1999, dir. Michael Hoffman)

A classic statement of the "magic" of Shakespeare's plays.

Plot: When two twisted couples of lovers, wearing a pair of fabulous elves and love potion came together in an enchanted moonlit forest, the result is a delightful mix of fun and magic.

That's it, fun and magic galore here. The film lasts two hours, but the time flies by (thanks to the Director and excellent cast). We would like to highlight Calista Flockhart, who performed the role of Helena. Before this film I only knew her as the girlfriend and then wife of Harrison Ford. This film just opened my eyes to her acting talent. Well, Christian bale, of course. But there is no comments, I'll just leave stills from the film and You will understand.

"The tempest" (2010, dir. Julie Taymor)

This movie was released in 2010 and received mostly negative reviews from film critics. Why is it so, for me, just a mystery. In my opinion, Julie Taymor managed to move on the screen is not the easiest works of Shakespeare. The film differs from the original play. The main difference is that the main character, the magician Prospero, the film was presented in the form of a woman (this role was brilliantly played by Helen Mirren). In the same way as in the previous film adaptation of Shakespeare, Taymor filmed (I mean Titus) in the film a lot of leeway. For example, classic suits were combined with a contemporary. In the film songs on poems of Shakespeare. Songs of Ariel is played by Ben Whishaw, a song of Prince Ferdinand Reeve Carney.

The main gem of this movie is Ariel - touching disembodied spirit in the performance of Ben Whishaw.