The film adaptation of Shakespeare Part 1

I confess, I love Shakespeare in 9 years, when I first watched the film adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet", Zeffirelli filmed. I looked and fell in love: in characters, in style, in that era, the love.

So it's a little review of your favorite film adaptations I will start with "Romeo and Juliet" (1968, dir. Franco Zeffirelli).

How many movies before and after this is not removed, in my heart there's only room only this film, since it is known that the first love is not forgotten. Here everything is perfect:the actors (Leonard whiting and Olivia Hussey), costumes and, of course, music.

"Hamlet" (1990, dir. Franco Zeffirelli)

Shakespeare is specially loved Zeffirelli. World critics call Franco Zeffirelli directed by Shakespearean actor and for good reason. "Hamlet" - is another confirmation of this. In addition to this screening, I watched three, where the role of Hamlet was played by Kenneth Branagh, Ethan hawke and innocent. But in each film was that I didn't like: Ophelia is not the same, the costumes are not the same. This movie just made me love Hamlet (Mel Gibson), to feel everything with him. And Ophelia did not disappoint (Helena Bonham Carter). It's exactly the way I imagined. A scene of madness... don't even know where watched the Film, how was it possible to ignore such a game.

"King Lear"

This is the only film adaptation of this work that I have seen. And I think that it's better just is unlikely to take off. As Lear is brilliant. Dal in the role of jester - a dream. The weathering is 100%. Don't even know what else to write here. Masterpiece in one word.

By the way, I'm here on the IMDb have found a new production that will be filming Michael Radford. Lira will play al Pacino. I think the result should be worthy.

"The merchant of Venice" (2004, dir. Michael Radford)

One of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare, written, presumably, in 1596. Nominally the play is labeled as a Comedy, but tragedy is one of the main characters makes to regard this work more as a drama. In General, it is the same Comedy as the Cherry orchard.

A masterfully shot film. Here we see love, friendship,and hatred. And all this together with such great actors as al Pacino and Jeremy irons.

Titus - ruler of Rome (1999, dir. Julie Taymor)

"Titus Andronicus" (in full "the Saddest Roman tragedy of Titus Andronica") is probably the earliest Shakespeare's tragedy. The title character is a fictional Roman military commander, obsessed with revenge, the Queen is ready Tamore, which also has a vendetta against him.

This adaptation cannot be called a classic. The style of the film features many anachronisms, particularly the mixed signs of Ancient Rome and the present (clothes, equipment, weapons), so the event is detached from a specific time and place and occur in a rather conventional fantasy world. Sometimes brutal, entertaining film.

"Macbeth" (2005, dir. Mark Brozel, Ed Fraiman, Brian Percival, David Richards)

This film is part of a series of adaptations of four of Shakespeare called "Shakespeare in a new way".