Conspiracy theories about Shakespeare Part 6

Closes if the study "Shakespeare problem"? He is in no hurry to approve it - on the contrary, waiting for a serious scientific debate (English translation will hopefully give them food), and most importantly - continue specific research in a number of important issues and facts. For example, much may be expected of the comparison watermark and printing of the realities collector with the realities of the other books of the same years of the publication.

Richer or poorer we become, to learn the truth about Shakespeare? Of course, richer. Not only because we discover a few dozen pages of Shakespeare's poems, published in collection, not previously identified. Important - after books Shakespeare ceases to be a faceless mask, and the life and work does not involve. He becomes a living flesh man, his creations grow from the biography, from personal experience, an intellectual, a poet, soldier and diplomat, a lot to see and the survivors, was nearly killed in a storm at sea, know the prison and the link. Reflections of this is in any of his plays.

For the first time gives the answer to why the true Shakespeare, as said Vladimir Nabokov, "hid from us the terrible his genius behind a mask". It was not a political conspiracy, as in 1920 years have tried to prove in our country, not disdain low craft of the playwright, as now many believe. For the first time the name "Shakespeare" appeared as a signature to the poems, and poetry is not considered shameful to engage and kings. Was behind this Game - "great British wit". But because the opening is the answer to the cultural phenomenon of exceptional value. Of the Game phenomenon, the literary Carnival.

The Rutland and those who follow his will, then created a myth about Shakespeare, created his thoroughly and permanently. Nice draw, they came up with and probably laughed, composing its parts. After all, the raffle is not for the company of friends, not even for the city, not for country - the draw for the world, for all ages! In this magnificent play (if not the best of the entire heritage of classic?), in the all the happening, lasting for four centuries, enough space for everyone. The whole world - the theater. The whole world and you - both supporters and opponents of the canonical version - enthusiastically play in the play of the great playwright from Stratford. Very hard many of the actors of this presentation is to admit that they participated in the farce.

Sure, the attainment of the myth of Shakespeare not at a loss to England. Culture it only lights up with a new brilliance from the half-open curtains finally. What interesting faces us open! What a great soul it was necessary to have to melt their own hopes and suffering of the passion of his immortal characters - Romeo, Juliet, Othello, Macbeth, Lear. As it was necessary to test and to write the wise lines of the sonnets! And how much of boldness and arrogance had to hide in the shower to throw humanity the challenge: "I, the greatest of poets, renounce his great glory. Chase, if you will, for her tinsel. She is vanity. Bad enough that you are repeating my lines, my thoughts, not knowing who gave them to you."

A century and a half the world has a vociferous Argument about who was William Shakespeare - the greatest playwright of mankind. You can often hear the opinion that Shakespeare supposedly little is known, and therefore arose and a doubt, and dispute. This is incorrect. Gradually about Shakespeare humanity has learned more than many of his contemporaries. The thing is that it recognized the humanity.

The study of Shakespeare's works showed with certainty that the author (if one author) was not only brilliant but one of the most learned writer of his time, perhaps the most educated and erudite in contemporary England. However, in life one never said or wrote that he had seen this poster or heard about it something definite. At the same time, documents found indicate that the person is considered to be a Shakespeare, a native of the town of Stratford William Shakespeare - had no education at all, his whole family even his children all his life remained illiterate, and in his house there were no books, no one will never in his lifetime did not call him a writer, moreover, there is no evidence that he was able at least to read and write, and there is good reason to doubt it.