Several years ago the author of these lines was lucky to work in England. I managed to find time and to visit places associated with Shakespeare-Rutland. In the majestic Belvoir is Esplanade for guns, exactly-in-exactly such what is described in the Elsinore of "Hamlet" in Elsinore real it is not. In the town, lying 4 miles from the castle, the Church of the blessed virgin Mary along the walls and in the middle of the nave, the rows of headstones, the impressive sculptures, many in armor, some in crowns.

Closes if the study "Shakespeare problem"? He is in no hurry to approve it - on the contrary, waiting for a serious scientific debate (English translation will hopefully give them food), and most importantly - continue specific research in a number of important issues and facts. For example, much may be expected of the comparison watermark and printing of the realities collector with the realities of the other books of the same years of the publication.

Francis bacon And if there clearly was Shakespeare? It ends up that this query fascinated not only from our contemporaries. From the publication "Shakespeare", claims that "anti-sexist" appeared at the XVIII century and also the very first offender for authorship at 1772 was appointed Francis bacon. McDougal quotations Herbert Lawrence, the well-known celebrity David Garrick: "bacon composed plays with. That was not any requirement to demonstrate just how far he participates within this area. Expecting it to state that he predicted Shakespeare."

But, these kinds of simplicity of ways quite match up with the afterward principles of etiquette and also the entire globe theater shortly became among the major cultural centers of England: over the platform places all of the drama of William Shakespeare along with also other exceptional playwrights of this Renaissance.

Works of William Shakespeare (Shakespeare - "Amazing Spear") indicate that this man had a giant, with nothing comparable to the volume of active vocabulary - from 20 to 25 thousand words, while the most educated and gifted literary contemporaries of the type of philosopher Francis bacon is around 9-10 thousand words. Modern English with a higher education consume no more than 4 thousand words. Shakespeare, according to the Oxford English dictionary, entered the English language around 3200 new words - more than his literary contemporaries bacon, Jonson and Chapman together.

But whomever he had been - and also at a lot of disputes in regards to the individuality of the amazing playwright and poet purpose is going to undoubtedly be delivered shortly, but potentially never generate an genius of this Renaissance now proceeds to encourage people and performers throughout the entire world.

The full livelihood of Shakespeare involving 1590 to 1612. Usually split to four or three phases.