The midst ages stopped. Feudal age, at which in fact the principal gains were regarded as loyal into this overlord and also valor has been substituted with a brand new phase of background. Enough timing has arrived for new thoughts, worth, and competitions. In the very first place has been that the soul of venture, skill to conform into some environment conduct a flourishing small business. Within this era that is tough the entire life and works of Shakespeare. The colorful playwright can barely stay aloof in the issues of the period.

Not the most men and women who comprehend Great and Bad as a tool characterized when and for everybody those. Simply because there was in character color devoid of half-tones, without the colors. Clearly, everybody else has their particular notion of this excellent, all goes their or her own approach for this, allowing (or not letting!) The compromises, providing their dream up or augmented beliefs.

In his tragedy "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare clearly reflect the incompatibility of high ideals and lofty dreams with reality. In the image of Hamlet himself, the author embodied all the characteristics and qualities of the humanist Renaissance. He is equally inherent in their genius, and their mistakes. But the poet is not limited to disclosure of only one human destiny, and the same character. Heroes of the tragedy, even the secondary, particularly the vital truthfulness and unique personality. Each of them has its own life, its own story and its own drama.

From the catastrophe "Hamlet" (1601) William Shakespeare, depending around the narrative of this medieval legend and also the older English drama about Prince Hamlet, he suggests that the catastrophe of humanism within today's planet. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, can be still a gorgeous picture of this humanist, that was simply up against the actual life, dominated by way of deception. The threatening murder of Hamlet's daddy reveals into this boy that the wicked which occupies from their nation. Revenge for dad's murder into Hamlet turns to a responsibility, vendetta.

In the XVII century the theatrical profession brought large income to become rich largely managed entrepreneurs. The sources allow us to know how many pounds was paid for a play by Shakespeare and colleagues and how much they can buy of sparrows and barrels of beer.

The authors of the late XVI - early XVII century, received the play from four to ten pounds. Average per play paid six pounds.

In this case, selling the play to the theatre, the author lost her all sorts of rights and was not able to publish independently.

In exclusiveness "of Windsor" there is nothing strange because here is a character who, even if he appeared not in the script of this comic remains the best comic character of Shakespeare. This is sir John Falstaff, a fat knight, a robber, a tireless seeker of fun, a lover of sherry, loud coward, furious bouncer and best friend of Prince Harry in both parts of the historical chronicle "Henry IV".

Still there are two pairs of young lovers, the relationship between cross-confused which (as later in "Midsummer night's Dream"). And this is the first "Italian" Shakespeare play, in which he sets his characters on a ship to those of landlocked Verona was in the same landlocked Milan. And the first play with a couple of servants, clowns, and one of them brings to the stage, the academic dog is a win technique which jesters amused the audience back in the days when he was a child.